WW Success!

In just a month, I’ve lost 7.2 pounds on WW. So far, I’ve liked how I can adjust as needed depending on what I have going on that day, week or month. If I know I’m going to be splurging on New Years, I just save up some points for the week by eating a bunch of zero points foods, like fruits, veggies and fish. I haven’t given up my coffee or the occasional sweet, but I have been taking fruit to work every day so that I can snack on an orange or berries instead of desperately searching for something to nibble on.

Last night, I made a cauliflower-crust pizza. The crust was from Trader Joes and I topped it with pasta sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, roasted red peppers and grilled onions. Trader Joes has quite a few frozen foods that are low in points, so I’ll let you know which ones work out well for me. There was a srirachi shrimp bowl that I made on Monday that was really tasty, although it said it was conventional oven safe and then the plastic started deteriorating.

Here’s the first keychain I’ve earned from WW.

Didn’t cut it

Here are the 20 for 20 goals that didn’t make the cut this year:

  1. Read 32 books. I’m at 31 this year and probably could do this, but I like the 12 nonfiction better. I’ll still set a Goodreads goal.
  2. Sell $1,000 on Poshmark. I’ve sold about $300 so far, so this is quite the goal and would mean I’d have to start buying things to sell, whereas right now I just sell things I no longer wear.
  3. Do a weekly home blessing (Fly Lady). Still hoping to do this. I love keeping my condo in a pretty clean state so that when people say they’re going to stop by I don’t freak out.
  4. Buy washer/dryer. Once my big closet is cleared out, I may reevaluate the buying a washer/dryer, but for now I have a few people letting me use theirs and I don’t have the space carved out in my condo for it. Besides, I think it was on my 18 for 18 list and didn’t happen.
  5. Get down to a size 6. I’m hoping my WW venture will hope with this goal.
  6. Buy a bus pass and start riding the bus a few times per month to work.
  7. Perfect my pizza making skills. This might ruin the WW.
  8. Buy diamond earrings. I’m trying to save money right now, so this doesn’t work very well with that goal.
  9. Increase 401K contribution to 15% (did earlier this month).
  10. Attend a yoga retreat.

I still may do any and all of these, so if I find I can do all of it, so be it. One thing I’ve enjoyed doing the last few years was watching an entire TV series of something, but I couldn’t think of anything to watch. Last year was Game of Thrones and the year before was West Wing, so if you have any suggestions, make sure to let me know—It may not be too late for me to add something!

Early Start

I started early on one of my goals for 2020, which is to join WW (Weight Watchers for the uninitiated). It feels like a very middle aged thing to do, but since I needed something to track my food, progress that isn’t going to take up too much time, I think this may be a good plan for me. You get points per day and week and get to spend them however you want. The plan I’m on have some 300 “free” point foods, such as salmon and veggies, so I don’t have to be too in the weeds. Yesterday was my first day of using the app and I only used 6 of my 16 points by having a zero count dinner of lettuce, celery and a can of salmon. It wasn’t too bad (I love salmon and sprinkled salt and pepper on top). Where it’s going to get me is sweets. I bake, so I always have goodies on hand, which is true at the office as well. What I like about it so far, though, is that I can save up my points for when I really want something so I decide when and how to splurge. So, is it important to have sugar in my coffee everyday or can I just save those points and then eat a cupcake? Day 1 was a success, and even though it’s just water weight, I’m down two pounds already. The whole goal is for me not to have to go up a size, which relates to my goal of trying to buy fewer clothes, especially new ones. I’ll keep you posted on my results.