WW Success!

In just a month, I’ve lost 7.2 pounds on WW. So far, I’ve liked how I can adjust as needed depending on what I have going on that day, week or month. If I know I’m going to be splurging on New Years, I just save up some points for the week by eating a bunch of zero points foods, like fruits, veggies and fish. I haven’t given up my coffee or the occasional sweet, but I have been taking fruit to work every day so that I can snack on an orange or berries instead of desperately searching for something to nibble on.

Last night, I made a cauliflower-crust pizza. The crust was from Trader Joes and I topped it with pasta sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, roasted red peppers and grilled onions. Trader Joes has quite a few frozen foods that are low in points, so I’ll let you know which ones work out well for me. There was a srirachi shrimp bowl that I made on Monday that was really tasty, although it said it was conventional oven safe and then the plastic started deteriorating.

Here’s the first keychain I’ve earned from WW.

20 for 2020

Here’s my goal list for 2020. I started with about 30 goals and narrowed it down to 20.

Some of these I’m hoping to knock off right off the bat, so I put them at the top. Most of the 30 I took off were going to be expensive and since I’m trying to save and not spend, I didn’t want to pressure myself into doing them. If I have the money, great, but otherwise, this year I’m going to hunker down and play catch up for retirement.

  1. Get passport renewed.
  2. Join WW.
  3. Get TV hooked up with cable.
  4. Take a photography class.
  5. Use up vitamins and find a better solution.
  6. Increase flexibility (be able to touch my hands flat on the floor and work on splits).
  7. Enter cake show.
  8. Get clothes tailored and shoes resoled.
  9. Set up projector.
  10. Find stylish, comfortable shoes.
  11. Brush, floss, swish (all three—already brush this much) three times a day.
  12. Volunteer with SXSW.
  13. Take care of nails weekly.
  14. Clean out/organize my big closet.
  15. Contribute max to Roth IRA.
  16. Read 12 nonfiction books.
  17. Get new glasses.
  18. Find a new revenue source.
  19. Read all books I currently own/have.
  20. Make a T-shirt quilt.