One Goal Leads to Another

Reading one of the 12 nonfiction books of the year encouraged me to get the ball rolling on taking a photography class. “Stretch” explains why you should try new things as well as to take all of your different experiences to create new things. At the end of the book, it gives a few ideas on how to become better at stretching, which led me to sign up for a photography class on how to take better photos of objects. I figure since I often need to take photos for Poshmark, it would be good to improve these skills. While I already take photos for the Farmers Market, I find that taking photos outside of colorful objects like produce and food is much easier than say a sweater. The class isn’t until April, but I’m glad it’s finally on the books. I should finish Stretch this evening and it just mentioned the 4-Hour Work Week, which will be my next nonfiction book to read, since I’ve already read about a quarter of it. It’s always fun when one book leads well into another. Hopefully, it will give me some ideas for how to work more efficiently and creatively as well as how to dream bigger.


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