Two more days of 2020

2019 is coming to end this week. It’s been a pretty good decade, which follows right along with my own personal decade from 30 to 40 years old. One of the things I think I’ve embraced this last decade is really trying to do the things I want to do instead of just talking about it, which has included visiting Italy, Iceland, Hawaii, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Santa Fe, New York, Cape Cod and several other places. I’ve also been tracking my reading on Goodreads (excluding 2010), which has equated to reading 222 books this decade, which sounds kind of crazy when I look at it altogether. Some of the things I want to do in the upcoming decade are starting my own business, really focusing on how much I save for retirement, being less wasteful (especially when it comes to food and clothing), being more open, vulnerable and honest with myself and others, traveling more, learning to take better care of plants, having better relationships with those I care about, keeping my environment clean and cleared out and maintaining a healthy weight.

I’m hoping my 2020 goals get me started on the right path to all of these things. I’m already making progress with WW, having lost a few pounds in a week and a half. I cleaned and filed my nails last night, adding a nail strengthener to the surface to try and keep them nice and strong. I printed out the paperwork for the passport renewal, so I just need to fill it out, find my photos and passport and take it into the post office or mail it off. I’ve got a few nonfiction books already underway and I contributed $6,000 yesterday to my Roth IRA. When I look at my list, it seems both very doable and intimidating. I think the two that will be hardest for me will be making the T-shirt quilt and making the cake for the cake show, since the show is in February. Something I can do to make sure it happens is to come up with a plan and idea for what cake to make and draw it out, so that will be my first order of business.

Let me know your plans for the next year or decade. I’d love some motivation!


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