Vitamin ABCs

My vitamins goal needs to be explained. I not only have bottles of pills sitting around my house, but at least two full boxes of vitamins from Careof. While I love the concept of Careof, I didn’t factor in that I am terrible at taking anything daily. I’m not a great routine person to begin with and then the taste of most vitamins make me gag. So, my plan is to use up all the vitamins I have on hand and then create a plan I can actually adhere to, whether that means taking just one multivitamin or determining the vitamins I need the most. I think I have enough vitamins on hand to last about three months, so around March I’ll be doing an evaluation of how I feel and what I think I’m lacking in my diet. I’ve also added a little grassfed, local beef and chicken to my diet lately, so I may not have as many needs as usual (when I’m limiting my animal intake to fish, milk and eggs). I’m also adding a lot of fruits and veggies already, since on WW they are zero points, so I may not need to add anything like Vitamin C or A. And I think I get plenty of D from the sun. This morning for Breakfast #1 I had half a banana and raspberries and now I’m moving on to breakfast #2 of garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli—all chock full of vitamins and micronutrients! What’s been helping me use my vitamins are to put them in one of those weekly pill boxes distributing them out and then leaving that on the counter next to my toothbrush. I know whether I’ve taken them that day (my memory is not the best) and I brush my teeth twice a day, so I’ll have to ignore it twice daily to forget!


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