Planning an Island Getaway

Hawaii planning
Bobbie Jill & I planning our trip to Hawaii.

Editor’s note: This posted two days later than I had planned.

Surrounded by travel books, my friend Bobbie Jill and I spent yesterday pouring through books on Hawaii at Book People planning the perfect trip to Hawaii this summer. I bought one book on the Big Island, where we’ll see lava, a green beach, waterfalls and botanical gardens. Her book is on Oahu, where we plan to see Diamondhead and visit Pearl Harbor. Planning trips are so much fun, and, although we have a lot of tiny things to organize, I love the process of figuring out which day to do what.

IMG_4207.jpegTo prepare for our big day of planning, we visited Magnolia Café, to make sure we had the energy. We love their garden room on the right-hand side at the Lake Boulevard location. The delicious Magnolia omellette with black beans and a blueberry pancake was so much food, we skipped lunch. Bobbie had the lox and bagel.

I was so worn out by the end of the day, I crashed around 7 p.m. and slept through the night. Today I’ll take photos at the farmers market, which will be really cold, followed by laundry and posting on Poshmark.

Don’t forget today is Veteran’s Day!



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