Patriot Act, Magic Erasers, Kale and Hourglass

I’m on a comedy kick on Netflix right now. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is fairly timely, although it is pre-midterms (so three days ago!). Minhaj covers Amazon as a monopoly, your state legislators and more. I just got started but plan to continue watching.

Last night, I brought out the magic eraser, which doesn’t happen often—I was a late adopter and tend to forget how useful they are. But after attempting to clean my bathtub with a broom (I broke my broom, but it worked OK), I found this other article on new ways to use your magic erasers, which led me to walking around the house looking for things to use it on.

On Wednesday, I got the chance to take photos for Texas Farmers Market, which led to buying kale from a vendor that was delicious. The seller gave me the tip to sauté the kale in butter, which I wouldn’t have thought about. It tasted delicious with a little garlic salt sprinkled on top.

And finally, I got a sample from Sephora called Hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation stick. I tried each of the colors, none of which was a great match for my skin and I felt like it was way too much coverage for me. If you’re looking for something thick, it does blend in fairly well, but I like to see my skin through my products, because I love my skin, even though there can be some redness around my nose and on my cheeks. It wasn’t for me, but I know some people really like a full coverage and it actually looked quite nice in photos (see the photo from a wedding in my last post).


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