Winter is Coming

Editor’s Note: Posting late again! This was meant to post Tuesday, Nov. 13.

It’s bitter cold here in Austin, Texas, which is highly unusual for November. It’s 35 degrees and cloudy outside, while we’re used to balmy days and nights much of the year.

I’ve finished reading “The Nest” and have begun making my way through “Every Breath” by Nicholas Sparks. I’m enjoying the novel’s jump between Africa and the East coast.

Yesterday, I had the day off because of Veteran’s day, but stayed at home except for one doctor’s visit because of the rainy, cold weather. Instead, I cooked one of my Blue Apron meals and watched the “Sex in the City” movie. I had never seen it and did not think it was all that great, but it was easy to watch while doing other things.



Planning an Island Getaway

Hawaii planning
Bobbie Jill & I planning our trip to Hawaii.

Editor’s note: This posted two days later than I had planned.

Surrounded by travel books, my friend Bobbie Jill and I spent yesterday pouring through books on Hawaii at Book People planning the perfect trip to Hawaii this summer. I bought one book on the Big Island, where we’ll see lava, a green beach, waterfalls and botanical gardens. Her book is on Oahu, where we plan to see Diamondhead and visit Pearl Harbor. Planning trips are so much fun, and, although we have a lot of tiny things to organize, I love the process of figuring out which day to do what.

IMG_4207.jpegTo prepare for our big day of planning, we visited Magnolia Café, to make sure we had the energy. We love their garden room on the right-hand side at the Lake Boulevard location. The delicious Magnolia omellette with black beans and a blueberry pancake was so much food, we skipped lunch. Bobbie had the lox and bagel.

I was so worn out by the end of the day, I crashed around 7 p.m. and slept through the night. Today I’ll take photos at the farmers market, which will be really cold, followed by laundry and posting on Poshmark.

Don’t forget today is Veteran’s Day!


Patriot Act, Magic Erasers, Kale and Hourglass

I’m on a comedy kick on Netflix right now. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is fairly timely, although it is pre-midterms (so three days ago!). Minhaj covers Amazon as a monopoly, your state legislators and more. I just got started but plan to continue watching.

Last night, I brought out the magic eraser, which doesn’t happen often—I was a late adopter and tend to forget how useful they are. But after attempting to clean my bathtub with a broom (I broke my broom, but it worked OK), I found this other article on new ways to use your magic erasers, which led me to walking around the house looking for things to use it on.

On Wednesday, I got the chance to take photos for Texas Farmers Market, which led to buying kale from a vendor that was delicious. The seller gave me the tip to sauté the kale in butter, which I wouldn’t have thought about. It tasted delicious with a little garlic salt sprinkled on top.

And finally, I got a sample from Sephora called Hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation stick. I tried each of the colors, none of which was a great match for my skin and I felt like it was way too much coverage for me. If you’re looking for something thick, it does blend in fairly well, but I like to see my skin through my products, because I love my skin, even though there can be some redness around my nose and on my cheeks. It wasn’t for me, but I know some people really like a full coverage and it actually looked quite nice in photos (see the photo from a wedding in my last post).

Election Day

Today is the last day to vote in Texas for the mid-term elections, so make sure your voice is heard. For Election Day, you’ll have to vote at a specific polling location, so make sure you know where to go before you go: There may be long lines, but our rights are worth it!

IMG_2183Enough about that—I’ll assume you got the message! Right now, I’m reading The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, an interesting read about some brothers and sisters who are supposed to get a small nest egg from their father in mid-life. But as the date approaches and most of the money has to be used to bail one of the siblings out of a self-induced crisis that could take down the family name, the siblings realize they may have taken that money too far for granted, Will they be able to get the money back or will they have to tell those they love the money mistakes they’ve made relying on future money as a savior? We’ll see! I’m only about halfway through, but so far so good.

And this past weekend, I took photos, as I often do, at the Texas Farmers Market in Mueller. It was a beautiful weekend and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s goods and taking photos for them. Be sure to follow their Instagram at texasfarmersmarket and mine at tyoungster. I bought some goat cheese, which I used as a ricotta replacement in lasagna. It turned out beautifully! I had enough leftover to freeze.

November Thoughts

Yesterday I went to a former co-worker’s wedding. The day was beautiful and simple and reminded me to enjoy the present. It was so nice to see a couple overjoyed to be bringing their families together.

This month, I hope to remain thankful for all the love and friends and family I have in my life right now.

This starts with being thankful for the right to vote. Don’t forget to cast your ballot in Texas Nov. 6.

Additionally, I’m taking photos this morning at the farmers market. I’m thankful for having clean, healthy, organic food to nourish my body.

I’m taking this week to eat all the food in my refrigerator and pantry—not only to save some money on groceries—but also to allow me to get rid of some of the foods that have been there a bit too long and to clean out some unhealthy foods that I no longer need. This will allow me to clear they way for fall foods and to start over.

I’m also watching Gilmore Girls again on Netflix, which I tend to think about during fall and Christmas, because they have such great seasonal episodes.

Some things I hope to do this week:

  • Repaint my nails and toes
  • Finish reading The Nest
  • Recycle hangers at the dry cleaner
  • Post some more clothes to sell on Poshmark

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